I will not charge admission to the bathroom

The-Simpsons-s04e22-Krusty Gets Cancelled

From: Krusty Gets Cancelled
Season 4, Episode 22

I do not have diplomatic immunity

The-Simpsons-s04e21-Marge in Chains

From: Marge in Chains
Season 4, Episode 21

I will return the seeing-eye dog

The-Simpsons-s04e20-Whacking Day

From: Whacking Day
Season 4, Episode 20

I will not sell miracle cures

The-Simpsons-s04e19-The Front

From: The Front
Season 4, Episode 19

No one is interested in my underpants

The-Simpsons-s04e18-So It's Come To This_ A Simpsons Clip Show

From: So It’s Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show
Season 4, Episode 18

Mud is not one of the 4 food groups

The-Simpsons-s04e17-Last Exit To Springfield

From: Last Exit To Springfield
Season 4, Episode 17

Goldfish don’t bounce


From: Duffless
Season 4, Episode 16

I will not call the principal “spud head”

The-Simpsons-s04e15-I Love Lisa

From: I Love Lisa
Season 4, Episode 15

The principal's toupee is not a Frisbee

The-Simpsons-s04e14-Brother from the Same Planet

From: Brother from the Same Planet
Season 4, Episode 14

I will not yell “She’s Dead” during roll call

The-Simpsons-s04e13-Selma's Choice

From: Selma’s Choice
Season 4, Episode 13

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