Caucus is not a dirty word

From: The Ten-Per-Cent Solution
Season 23, Episode 8

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  • Russell Jernee

    I have a rather very funny, amusing story, my family and I went to Florida in November 2016 for my parents’ friend’s daughter’s wedding and I got a djembe as a present from Disney’s animal kingdom, as we landed in Orlando
    my mom left her iPhone on the plane. We rented a mini-van then we were looking for our hotel and we were at the wrong one, the Wyndham suites in Orlando then we drove to the Embassy Suites Orlando then we settled in as we noticed our hotel had a bar in the lobby on the first floor. As we checked in our hotel room, dad caught the 2016 presidential election on c-span as the kids and my siblings accidently made a big mistake as they went to Simpsons Land at Universal Studios in Orlando without me and as we left our hotel to meet up with Uncle Robert and Aunt Marie and their family at Walt Disney World, I was screaming and whining I want to watch football when we were looking for a place where I can watch football all weekend. When my siblings took me to Epcot, I heard the news of Trump’s election and it spread like wildfire in Chicago as two black women beat up a white man, as the white man voted for Trump then at Epcot my siblings and I went to the drink and eat around the world expo then we went to every country in order. First we went to Canada we had some Canadian salmon then we went to Ireland and we had potato patties and crème fraiche with salmon and in Scotland, we had pretty much the same thing. We went to England and I had some beer and fish and chips, me and Sue-Ann did her hot tea video then in America we went to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Sister Hazel then in Morocco I had some baklava and in Australia we tried some Aussie wine and in Africa, I ordered a chocolate cola slushy and I got some authentic wooden bamboo chopsticks in Japan then I had a blue sake bomb in China and I got a triangular Chinese
    hat. In Italy we had pasta and cannoli and in France, we had crepes au chocolat then in Spain we did some sightseeing, in Mexico, we went on the three caballeros ride then we went Christmas shopping in Germany and I got an ornament in the likeness of a keepsake pin from the winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and some German chocolate. Last, in Norway, we went on the frozen ride and we went down the ramp in our viking boat and got wet backwards, as we went back to our hotel, we went to old key west and my siblings got me a bar of piggy poop soap as we took Samantha and Matt and the kids to the airport. With Samantha and Matt and the kids back in Vegas we drove to Naples, to drop mom and dad off for their friends’ daughter’s wedding and I got a Krusty Klump bar with peanuts, I ate half during the ride and I saved half for later. I was watching Lisa play a different instrument in the Simpsons opening sequence continuously over and over again, then later that evening, I was invited to the Jackson Memorial High School mini reunion. After our trip to Florida I caught a cold which gave me headache, backache, stomachache, and stuffy nose then what made me feel better was a visit from Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Bob as they flew out of New Orleans to spend thanksgiving and dad’s birthday with us as Mandeville does not have an airport. Mom took out the keyboard into the living room so grandpa can hear and see me play then we went out to brunch with them at some Italian restaurant which didn’t have wifi and after they left then dad and I went Christmas shopping after I made my gift for the kids which was a read and record The Night Before Christmas storybook. Mom took me out to lunch with Brittany and her niece then dad to me out to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and I wanted to go do some Christmas shopping at the mall but the mall was closed and mom recorded the problem child movies for Kane and Peyton to watch. I was decorating my room for Christmas, and on my tablet I was watching the opening sequence to Dad Behavior and I was laughing at every bad thing happening to the family such as Bart having his skateboard broken in two, Homer swallowing and choking on a carbon rod before he passes out for violating power plant employee safety regulations and company policy, Lisa being shot to death at band rehearsal, and Marge losing control of the SUV and driving it off the road as she screams. FXX was doing a back to back daily Simpsons marathon as I was spraying snow starch on my mirror and my window then my father got me a new Xbox 360and he said to me “Dont tell mom, this’ll be our little secret.” I wanted some college football team t-shirts for Christmas and mom found some for me online and the online college football shirt store didn’t have Washington, but they had Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State.

  • Russell Jernee

    I still consider ‘caucus’ dirty and offensive to my ancestors who are white, of European descent and the term is ‘Caucasian’ during the presidential caucus we vote for our nominees/candidates for president and vice-president and in 2020 Yeardley Smith will be campaigning for Lisa Simpson to run for president. According to the bylaws and rules, the presidential caucus/election is held every four years in October/November after the Summer Olympic games. In the BCS era of college football the BCS National Championship game would be designated as the sugar bowl in New Orleans and I voted in last year’s mid-term election at the Sun City community center building I signed my name in cursive and received my “I voted” sticker.

  • Russell Jernee

    Coronavirus or no coronavirus, I’m not gonna let the pandemic stop me from declaring my vote for this year‘s new President of the United States in the 2020 presidential caucus and election, In addition to voting for president and vice president of the United States I’m also gonna be watching my quadrennial David’s guitar shop marathon starting with the pilot all the way up to the current season which is season 18 I think I’m going to be streaming and watching on YouTube and my homeboy Phil X reviews on modern and classic guitars from acoustic to electric.

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