Halloween doesn’t kick Thanksgiving’s ass

From: Pranks and Greens
Season 21, Episode 6

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  • Russell Jernee

    On halloween our family goes trick or treating and we get candy, in grade school we used to have a fall band concert around halloween but on my last year of grade school we moved the fall band concert to September, on halloween we used to go trick or treating around the school in our costumes and we do bobbing for apples and have a halloween party in which mom was class mom and dad was class dad. Every halloween since I was a little boy, me and my sisters with Melyssa, Matthew, and Rebecca went trick or treating as the six musketeers and we’d watch treehouse of horror VI then Pam would put us to bed, as the Simpsons halloween episode we were watching would be inappropriate for kids and not approved by mothers.

    Russell: Mom, my band concert is tonight, I have a solo during Eleanor Rigby and my class is mixing our fall concert repertoire together with Beatles and classical.
    Principal: I welcome you all to our fall band concert, and our fourth grade concert band will be playing a selection of classical selections and Beatles songs.
    Russ Sr. and audience looking excited- oh goody, everyone loves the Beatles
    -Russell plays his solo during Eleanor Rigby-
    Mom with tears in her eyes and crying proudly- My son, my son! I’m so proud.
    School band finishes with “1812 Overture” by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    Russell Sr. lifts up Russell Jr. as audience applauds
    Halloween party at Sue-Ann and Aaron’s house- Friends’ kids watching treehouse of horror marathon
    Amber: Mason, time to go home and time for bed, this halloween Simpsons marathon is inappropriate for a child your age.
    Mason: Mom, can I stay a bit longer and come home later?
    Amber: Mason Andrew Morrison, when I say it’s time to go and time for bed, I mean now!
    Mason: Yes, mommy.
    Malaki: This is one cool party, Mrs. Jernee showed me how to make a nutty white Russian.
    Deja: I’m showing Russell Jr. how to dance the batusi and Tiana is teaching him the Watusi.
    Julie: Malaki Moore, the Simpsons halloween marathon is filled with blood and gore packed with murder and violence and it’s unsuitable for a fourteen year-old boy, and it’s not mother approved so you better come home for bed.
    Russell: Malaki, what do you want to drink?
    Malaki: A nutty white Russian for me and a chateau romani for my mom.

    For thanksgiving we give thanks I once had a thanksgiving concert in grade school and my class sang We Give Thanks and Amen, we had a thanksgiving feast, we eat turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and dinner rolls and cranberry sauce, for dessert we have pumpkin pie. Before thanksgiving dinner at Pam and Dominic’s house, I would watch the battle of the bands

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