High explosives and school don’t mix

The Simpsons [3x04] Bart the Murderer

From: Bart the Murderer
Season 3, Episode 4

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  • Señor Spielbergo

    Hey, where’s “I will not bribe Principal Skinner” (from the same episode)?

  • Russell Jernee

    In one episode from the first season of Doug, the show’s protagonist Douglas Yancey Funnie used chemicals and explosives to blow up the Bluffington School’s old science lab, and he admits to Assistant Principal Lamar Bone that his volcano, which won second place covered the school with molten lava
    In one episode, the 25th season finale “The Yellow Badge of Cowardge” Homer proves he’ll put on the best fireworks display show the town’s ever seen although lack of fireworks had canceled Springfield’s annual fourth of July celebration.

    In the episode “Moms I’d like to Forget”, Bart and his old friends from daycare at Toddlin’ Town had scars shaped like swords on their hands, which was caused from a firework burn accident during Springfield’s fourth of July picnic at the town’s high school where Clancy Wiggum dropped baby Ralph on his head causing Ralph to be dumb and be unable to put his bottle in his mouth.

  • Russell Jernee

    After “The Yellow Badge of Cowardge” ends with Homer’s firework display, Homer and Giuseppe Granfinali sing “Sometimes when we Touch” by Dan Hill over the closing credits and Giuseppe accuses Homer of ruining that beautiful song from the 1970′s then Homer accuses Giuseppe that they were riffing and Giuseppe apologizes to Dan Hill.

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