I do not deserve a Mother’s Day gift for being “one badass mother”

From: Homer Scissorhands
Season 22, Episode 20

3 comments to I do not deserve a Mother’s Day gift for being “one badass mother”

  • If you ask me, Bart was a pretty badass mother in “Bart the Mother.”

  • Russell Jernee

    In my Independent Living class, my class and I we made individual class picture frames of each student and we painted them then for my mothers day present, I made a teal flower pot with purple spots and I put marbles in my flower pot with a purple tulip. In my art class, before my spring trip to San Diego I painted a painting on my canvas of the bungalows at paradise point in mission bay and I signed my gift “To mom, love Russell- Happy mother’s day I love you, mom.”

  • Russell Jernee

    In Bart the mother Bart gave birth to two eggs in a nest In which he thought were robins And the Hatchlings Turned out to be Bolivian Tree lizards, Bart adopted the lizards Then he named them chirpy boy and Bart Junior, whose special abilities are gliding and giving doe-eyed innocent looks.

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