I will not create art from dung

The-Simpsons-s11e10 - Little Big Mom

From: Little Big Mom
Season 11, Episode 10

3 comments to I will not create art from dung

  • amir

    I have kindey for sale. Im 36 old.live in greece.

  • miguel

    Looking for a direct buyer of a type O+ kidney within the UK. and for the transaction to occur under the table. Being that it is Illegal we would produce how we have been friends for awhile and I have agreed to donate my kidney voluntary to help my friend. I am 36 years old in good heath do not drink or smoke and have never done drugs. I wish to help out however I can . NO brokers or sketchy characters . Please contact me at

  • dany

    My blood group is AB negative
    24 years old I want to sell my kidney male contact me 972 525 353 556

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