I will not drive the principal’s car

The Simpsons [2x08] Bart the Daredevil

From: Bart the Daredevil
Season 2, Episode 8

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  • Señor Spielbergo

    This blackboard was not seen until February 28, 1991 (one week after “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” aired) in Canada, and August 29, 1991 (between the end of Season 2 and the start of 3) in the United States; both countries cut the opening to make room for the “Do the Bartman” music video when this episode first aired, and the United States cut it again to make room for a report on Operation Desert Shield on their second airing.

    Interestingly, the version seen in syndication _does_ have a blackboard (it’s the only episode from the first nine seasons to use the full opening there), but it’s “I will not sell school property” instead.

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