I will not get very far with this attitude

The Simpsons [2x12] The Way We Was

From: The Way We Was
Season 2, Episode 12

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  • Señor Spielbergo

    “Added extra clap… not college material.” – Bart’s kindergarten teacher, “Lisa’s Sax”

  • Russell Jernee

    In December of last year on December 12, 2018 Simpsons voice actor cast member comedian Harry Shearer did a Off color, raunchy joke Routine about men’s panties and women’s panties and I thought it was funny so I started laughing then went back in the 90s the place where Mom worked at hard rock Hotel used to be like the brown derby in Los Angeles because my mother had many famous celebrities eat there. One time my mother was working, She was waiting on David Silverman and this man wearing a Simpson‘s Jean jacket went up to her and said “my name is David Silverman I work on the show The Simpsons.“ Then my mom told David she wouldn’t let me watch the Simpsons Because the show was screwed and inappropriate for children And murdered major characters on the show And the producers made fun of John Lennon’s second wife Yoko Ono with a character named Kako. Then David Silverman became really offended and Mom told him I was into Sherlock Holmes I used to dress up as him And I had the coat, The hat and the pipe for those of you who do not know who is Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes is a drug addict and his assistant Dr. Watson was his drug dealer then David Silverman took a menu and folded it in half and he drew A 100% exact Lifelike drawing of Bart as Sherlock Holmes sitting in his arm chair smoking a pipe with a violin next to the chair And he slimed need to Russell your Pal David Silverman with Bart saying “quick milhouse the needle!”

  • Russell Jernee

    In the Beverly Hillbillies down under, Jethro Bodine tells granny he’s going to be a professional digeridoo player then Daisy May snaps his digeridoo in wto angrily and says “Now, it’s a digeri-don’t!”

  • Russell jernee

    “I can’t believe I fell for the ‘glamour of being a television superstar’

  • Russell jernee

    Speaking of fame and hitting the big time Bart Simpson was up in consideration for the role of Fall Out Boy in the movie adaptation of radioactive man but he loses the role to Milhouse Van Houten, Moe Szyslak was one of the Original little rascals but he was fired for killing the original Alfalfa as the kid playing Alfalfa stole his routine bit and got a faceful of soot when he fell for the “Marble in the exhaust pipe and faceful of soot” trick.
    Smelly: You stole my bit!
    Casting director: oh my God, he’s killed the original alfalfa!

  • Russell Jernee

    For the plot of the episode The Girl’s in the Band, The episode Plot does not focus on Lisa Simpson or her life and career as a member of the Springfield elementary school band but she does get a chance to be a professional Philharmonic Orchestra Saxophonist in the capital city Philharmonic.

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