I will not replace a candy heart with a frog’s heart

From: The Daughter Also Rises
Season 23, Episode 13

5 comments to I will not replace a candy heart with a frog’s heart

  • Chandra

    If any one want to sell his organ call me as soon as possible at 9956087334

  • Ralph Mermesmo

    And his prophet, Pepe.

  • Russell Jernee

    Every year on Valentine’s Day I would get a heart shaped box with chocolate candies and a box of sweethearts which is really kind of cool I used to go to the Valentine’s Day dance with Kelly I also normally get a bottle of gene Simmons Dr Pepper, Anybody who does not know what that is it is a bottle of red colored cherry flavored soda

  • Russell Jernee

    For my Valentines day class project, I used to make a red heart shaped candy dispenser with two hearts with ribbon and lace and red paint.

  • Kishor Kumar Sinha

    I am saleing one kedny for 4cr

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