Jesus is not mad his birthday is on Christmas

From: The Burns and the Bees
Season 20, Episode 8

3 comments to Jesus is not mad his birthday is on Christmas

  • Señor Spielbergo

    Especially since, most likely, it isn’t.

  • Russell Jernee

    My parents take me Christmas shopping every year we go without a fight, one time when we lived in our apartment, Dad would yell “Shut up! Why don’t you get a job?” And we left the store empty-handed with no gifts for the family then three years ago, after Sue-Ann and Brittany took their nieces to see a movie it was raining and I had my cold which the symptoms were headache, backache, stomachache, and a runny, stuffy nose and I didn’t feel well enough to go Christmas shopping with dad. Then I made my present for Kane and Peyton, my The Night Before Christmas read and record storybook in different voices and different accents, then dad took me Christmas shopping
    we went to Target, dad got me a new Xbox 360 and by mistake, I bought an Xbox One video game called NHL 17 and I saw a display sale of Simpsons DVD’s on sale at Target the DVDs were season 1, season 8, season 20, Christmas with the Simpsons, The Simpsons Movie and Simpsons Gone Wild. We were in the candy aisle to buy me a six-pack family size fun pack of Twix candy bars and we bought me a six pack of Coors light and an electric shaver then I went to Seven Eleven to buy me a Peanut Butter Twix candy bar. Next we went to Bath and Body Works to get me some liquid soap and bubble bath and I bought me some clothes and pajamas and some flavored fruit toothpaste, we wanted to go shopping at the Meadows Mall, dad didn’t want to and the mall was closed then last we went to Best Buy to get me a new computer with a touch-screen and we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings then I was trying to find a station on cable tv and my cox cable provider told me I can watch Simpsons reruns on channel 95 FXX. To prepare us for germ season and promote clean air, my mom got us air purifiers for our rooms, then I sprayed starch snow on my window and my mirror to get me ready for Christmas and I was watching the Every Simpsons Ever marathon on my tablet and Christmas came that I got my computer then I started watching the syndicated original version of “Thank god, it’s doomsday” and at the end, Jesus is in heaven celebrating Christmas with God and Jesus is mad at God for giving him a lousy birthday present.

  • Russell Jernee

    One year when I was in high school The week before Christmas On the last day of school I love the old-school year everybody in Miss Bagley’s English class had a Holiday Christmas party and we need to listen to some holiday music on the CD a Kenny G Christmas. I would also read Simpsons Comics on my new computer The first Simpsons comic story I read was a tale of two penpals. In that story, Bart and Lisa get foreign exchange penpals in the Penpal exchange Program After causing their schools multicultural day celebration pageant to go awry And Bart Get a girl penpal from Baktavia And Lisa gets a boy penpal from Abkhazia then They are penpals explain in their letters How is school and work are different in their homelands to Bart and Lisa. In his letter to Lisa, Boris tells her School is different in Abkhazia they have to wear uniforms to school every day and they don’t have sports there at school And in Franciska’s Letter to Bart, she tells him in Baktavia her mother and father are not very rich so they have to go to work every day and their factory is closed and they don’t have any money. What ruins Hey Springfield elementary school multicultural Day pageant is Bart’s mentioning of the country Iraq And He and Lisa’s classmates represent different countries for the pageant and I started getting technical difficulties telling me to call a certain phone number or else my computer will be shut down to prevent further damage to it And I started watching another Simpsons episode called the monkey suit and my father would make me a promise that he would stop by 711 to get me a bottle of chocolate milk

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