Nobody reads these anymore

From: The Parent Rap
Season 13, Episode 2

2 comments to Nobody reads these anymore

  • Señor Spielbergo

    Unless it’s some sort of topical reference, it seems. For example, three different blackboards referring to the Monica Lewinsky scandal were used in Season 10, and all three remained intact in syndication.

  • Russell

    You’re wrong, I do read Simpsons comics and chalkboard gags as far as I am concerned Simpsons Comics did release their last issue, #245 in November 2018 and I have wonderful memories of reading each and every story including the case of the saxophone solo saboteur. In the story, Lisa wakes up with shampoo in her hair and in her saxophone then she watches her video tape of her Christmas concert with Marge which embarrasses her, then she writes screw-up across her forehead then Lisa goes to great lengths to perfect her saxophone solo for her band concert later that evening and she thanks Marge for believing in her when the concert goes great, the audience applauds and Homer gets so teary-eyed he forgets to bake another “Good job Lisa” celebratory pie cake and in closing I like to say “I’m going to miss you dear buddy, RIP Simpson’s Comics”

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