World War II could not beat up World War I

From: Stealing First Base
Season 21, Episode 15

The world may end in 2012, but this show won’t

From: Once Upon a Time in Springfield
Season 21, Episode 10

Teachers’ unions are not ruining this country

From: Rednecks and Broomsticks
Season 21, Episode 7

Halloween doesn’t kick Thanksgiving’s ass

From: Pranks and Greens
Season 21, Episode 6

I do not have the hots for my mom

From: The Devil Wears Nada
Season 21, Episode 5

I am not allergic to long division

From: The Great Wife Hope
Season 21, Episode 3

Chalkboarding is not torture.

From: Bart Gets A ‘Z’
Season 21, Episode 2

The class hamster isn’t just sleeping

From: Homer the Whopper
Season 21, Episode 1

It's ''FaceBook,'' not ''Assbook''

From: Coming to Homerica
Season 20, Episode 21

I will not put hot sauce in the CPR dummy

From: Father Knows Worst
Season 20, Episode 18

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