Sandwiches should not contain sand

From: The Bart of War
Season 14, Episode 21

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  • Russell Jernee

    Speaking of sandwiches not containing sand in them my high school marching band is traveling to California this fall They are going to be competing at the Mission Viejo marching band invitational which will serve as a western band association competition, the opportunity village University funny sounds express Inc. and mouth sounds are us music ensemble will be traveling to California in September to perform at the western band association Mission Viejo regionals Both of my ensembles will be staying at the holiday inn hotel in San Diego then from our hotel after check out we take the bus from our hotel to the Santa Monica beach and we’re going to have a picnic lunch there as well also we will pack water for everybody in case of dehydration And also we will try to and not to get sand in our sandwiches
    After our free time at the beach, we depart for Mission Viejo high school to perform at 12:30 and when we’re done performing we head back to the spectators area to watch the remainder of the competition and the Preliminary awards presentation then the top scoring bands in each classification will advance to the final round of competition to perform in finals in the evening.

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