Sherri does not “got back”


From: Wild Barts Cannot Be Broken
Season 10, Episode 11

5 comments to Sherri does not “got back”

  • Andrew

    what does that mean?

  • Bart

    “Got back” means has nice/big ass. Source: Sir Mix a lot

  • Tommy C

    This is a good one. My 11 year old is going through all of the simpsons, and this was on during donner this evening. My interpretation is : Sherri, Sherri baby ( song from the 50′s) and baby got back , by sir mix a lot. Therefore , Sherri does not got back

  • itchyk

    In czech version it is translated as “virginity is irreversible” I was also wondering what the original really means..

  • Jakub

    I’m here thanks to weird Czech translate too.

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