I am not licensed to do anything

The-Simpsons-[08x11]-The Twisted World of Marget Simpson

From: The Twisted World of Marget Simpson
Season 8, Episode 11

I am not my long-lost twin

The-Simpsons-[08x03]-The Homer They Fall

From: The Homer They Fall
Season 8, Episode 3

I am not certified to remove asbestos

The-Simpsons-7x12-Team Homer

From: Team Homer
Season 7, Episode 12

I am not a lean mean spitting machine

The-Simpsons-7x04-Bart Sells His Soul

From: Bart Sells His Soul
Season 7, Episode 4

I am not the reincarnation of Sammy Davis Jr.

The-Simpsons-[06x04]-Itchy & Scratchy Land

From: Itchy & Scratchy Land
Season 6, Episode 4

I am not delightfully saucy

The-Simpsons-[05x16]-Homer Loves Flanders

From: Homer Loves Flanders
Season 5, Episode 16

I am not authorized to fire substitute teachers

The-Simpsons-[05x11]-Homer The Vigilante

From:  Homer The Vigilante
Season 5, Episode 11

I am not a dentist

The Simpsons [3x01] Stark Raving Dad

From: Stark Raving Dad
Season 3, Episode 1

I am not a 32 year old woman

The Simpsons [2x06] Dead Putting Society

From: Dead Putting Society
Season 2, Episode 6

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