The giving tree is not a chump

From: The Bart Wants What it Wants
Season 13, Episode 11

3 comments to The giving tree is not a chump

  • Señor Spielbergo

    Oh yes, “The Simpsons are going to Toronto!” – for about four minutes.

    At least this is the only Season 13 blackboard you can see in syndication. Too bad this episode’s already plot-heavy and they had to compress it by 70 seconds in order to fit into the syndication timeslots. (Episodes in syndication typically time in at around 21 minutes and 20 seconds; this one was 22:30 originally, and this episode’s full opening with the “chorus line” couch gag takes up 1:35 itself.)

  • Señor Spielbergo

    To clarify my original comment: this is the only Season 13 blackboard you can see in _Season 13_ in syndication. “I do not have a cereal named after me” can be seen in syndication as well, but only in three Season 15 episodes.

  • Señor Spielbergo

    For the record, this Torontonian popped in my copy of this episode on DVD and timed the total length of the scenes spent in Toronto: 3 minutes, 50 seconds (17:37 – 21:27). Even after taking out the opening and the end credits, that’s still less than one-fifth of the episode.

    In syndication, with no scenes removed but compression added, it’s about 13 seconds shorter than that.

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