butt.butt is not my E-mail address


From: When You Dish Upon a Star
Season 10, Episode 5

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  • wath is your e mail bart simpson e mail me black

  • SeƱor Spielbergo

    This blackboard is from FOX’s second airing of “When You Dish Upon a Star” on 7 March 1999 (between the original airings of “Make Room for Lisa” and “Maximum Homerdrive”); the first FOX airing (as well as US syndication, and all airings on Global in Canada) used “butt_dot_com” (note: that is a real website (replace “_dot_” with “.”), and it _does_ show pictures of butts) instead.

    The “butt.butt” version can also be found on the Season 10 DVD set.

    “Oh, sure, like I’m really gonna take a picture of my butt.” – Bart, “Homer’s Night Out”

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