End of “Lost”: It Was All The Dog’s Dream. Watch us.

From: Judge Me Tender
Season 21, Episode 23

16 comments to End of “Lost”: It Was All The Dog’s Dream. Watch us.

  • I had very few expectations for the finale, with a sinking feeling it would just be horrible. I guess I was right. After so many years spent on this show, I feel cheated.

  • Scott

    Hence why I don’t watch shows like that anymore. Call it the “X-Files Factor” – shows like this almost always end on a half-assed note, and 60% of the stuff that happens never goes anywhere.

  • MIke Caillavet

    As a die hard fan of lost, I have to ask, Why do you feel cheated? How was it Horrible? Every thing was explained perfectly clear.

  • Cool blog you have, I just love this show. Thanks for sharing!

  • lostinlost

    for those who do not know or understand is easier to criticize than admit you just didn’t get it or that you expected firebombs, ufos, monsters..and other sci-fi effects..sorry to disappoint you. next time choose wiser what you watch.
    for those who understood, great finale! just loved it!! 🙂

  • rm

    Two questions:

    1) Why polar bears?

    2) What happened to Piggy’s glasses?

  • HitsMan

    check out my youtube explanation of lost at


  • carrotonastick

    If you felt that the end of lost really explained everything, then that just shows you weren’t actually paying attention to the show. There are so many unanswered questions from lost, and it is all because every single “question” the show put in your mind was really just a hook to keep you watching the show. When it was over, none of the answers mattered; it was basically a big “F-you we are syndicated and don’t have to explain a thing. hahaha jokes on you–the viewer”

  • lostman

    With the polar bears, walt read the comic book with the polar bear in it, which brought it to life. late, after the first one is dead, he looks at it again, and then another one comes. Also, in a flashback, he looks at the book of birds, given to him by his moms boyfriend, and then the bird he looked at crashed into the window. Apparently, walt has a power or something of some sort.

  • t-diddy

    you guys are all such silly shit faces. “what about the polar bears?” dick heads. when sawyer and kate are kept in the cages at the island of the others and sawyer figures out how to get the water and fish biscuit, Tom says to him “the bears figured that out in 4hours” the bears were brought there….like the other animals and equipment for experimental purposes. dick heads.

    also, it was all the dog’s dream anyway.

  • Then again, Maggie _was_ able to stop Mr. Burns from grabbing the teddy bear away in “Rosebud”…

  • Señor Spielbergo

    I never saw the “Lost” finale, and after reading this blackboard (as well as other comments on this page), I don’t really want to…

  • V

    My thoughts exactly.

  • christian

    to those that dont like that lost did not explaine every last thing…do you like the starwars prequels? why not? didn’t you love how they finally explained the force? i mean before the prequels it was just magic. after them it was explained to actully exist.
    so if you want answers then you should like midichlorians.

    but you dont…so tell me is there a realy any way lost could fully explain things to you that yould have liked?
    they answered most things. but as with any fictional universe with a bit of magic/religion in it some answers just bring up questions that cant be answered.

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