A fire drill does not demand a fire

The-Simpsons-[08x20]-The Canine Mutiny

From: The Canine Mutiny
Season 8, Episode 20

I will not hide the teacher’s Prozac

The-Simpsons-[08x13]-Simpsoncaligragilisticexpiala-(Annoyed Grunt)cious

From: Simpsoncaligragilisticexpiala-(Annoyed Grunt)cious
Season 8, Episode 13

I am not licensed to do anything

The-Simpsons-[08x11]-The Twisted World of Marget Simpson

From: The Twisted World of Marget Simpson
Season 8, Episode 11

The truth is not out there

The-Simpsons-[08x10]-The Springfield Files

From: The Springfield Files
Season 8, Episode 10

I am not my long-lost twin

The-Simpsons-[08x03]-The Homer They Fall

From: The Homer They Fall
Season 8, Episode 3