This counts as gym and art class

From: Chief of Hearts
Season 21, Episode 18

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  • Russell Jernee

    I was one talented artist in art class in my grade school in my home state, in art class, I used my paintbrush to mix red and blue to make purple then I made a coffee table/nightstand in art class with Ms. Lyle-Bly and I painted it teal and purple as I mixed together blue and green to make aquamarine then I mixed red and purple to make magenta.
    Headmaster Pobjoy- “As of this day forward, you are going nowhere.”

    The day after we were using our palettes to mix colors together to create a new color, we used plaster of paris to create our clay models with newspaper, I added a big horn to mine then when the plaster dried, I painted it red and black. My classmate, Eduardo is a big SpongeBob fan, for his masks, he did Squidward (Calamardo) and SpongeBob (Bob Esponja) for his mask for Squidward, Eduardo painted his mask aqua marine then he used black licorice and chocolate chips for his eyes and black licorice for his eyebrows and to do SpongeBob, he molded his clay for his mask into a square then he covered his clay with plaster of paris and when his mask dried, he painted it yellow then he used black licorice for the mouth and chiclets for his buck teeth then he glued on a blob of yellow clay to make the nose and he did two round balls of powdered sugar for SpongeBob’s eyeballs with two chocolate chips and edible blue sugar for his eyes and black licorice for his eyelashes.
    I did very good in gym, we call it Physical Education or Phys. Ed or PE, in P.E. we had a end of the school year freestyle basketball tournament where we slam-dunked through the air with the greatest of ease during the slam dunk contest and launched the ole round ball from the three-point line during our three-point shootout.