January is not Bart History Month

From: Moms I’d Like to Forget
Season 22, Episode 10

3 comments to January is not Bart History Month

  • SeƱor Spielbergo

    I realize that February is a significant month for historical events in African-American culture, but I still think celebrating Black History Month during the shortest month of the year is a disservice to Black history (especially since it helps perpetuate the “Blacks are insignificant” stereotype).

    Personally, I think Black History Month should be October – a 31-day month that is already celebrated as such in the United Kingdom. (Who says Black History Month has to be just about Blacks in America?)

    And remember, Bart _is_ 1/64th black (“The Color Yellow”)…

  • Russell Jernee

    I am 1% African American and one year at school for Black History Month and African American Appreciation Day, my nephew Kane did an oral visual report presentation on Michael Jackson also I celebrate Kwanzaa and African American Appreciation day and Black History month.

  • Russell Jernee

    In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement the Simpsons announced the show will no longer be using white actors to voice non-white characters in response to Family guy voice actor Mike Henry stepping down from voicing the character Cleveland Brown and voice actor/puppeteer Jayden Libran has been doing Simpsons character impressions and might get a job on the show