I will not prescribe medication

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From: Lisa the Beauty Queen
Season 4, Episode 4

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  • Russell

    Side effects of chillaxodol include Headaches, painful spasms, dry mouth, whiskers, Musical flatulence, involuntary Memphis juking, sudden relocation, and Dolphining.
    In The Simpsons season 30 finale Crystal Blue-Haired Persuasion, Marge prescribes Bart to take a new drug called chillaxodol and weans him from his old medication Focusyn.
    Chillaxodol contains side effects including:

    Headaches- Bart groans
    Painful spasms- Bart babbles
    Dry mouth- Bart has a dry mouth and drinks buzz cola
    Whiskers- Bart grows whiskers and mews
    Musical flatulence- Bart farts
    Involuntary Memphis juking- Bart breakdances
    Sudden relocation- disappears and reappears
    Dolphining- Bart acts like a dolphin