No one wants to hear from my armpits

The-Simpsons-7x03-Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily

From: Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily
Season 7, Episode 3

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  • Russell Jernee

    A crude, but funny reference to homer’s book of laziness which features a picture of the Spuckler family Band, in which Homer plays his armpits, Melvin van Horne, aka Sideshow Mel plays the slide whistle, Cletus plays the washboard, and Brandine plays her stomach, Dubya plays a car muffler, crystal meth plays the digeridoo and Incest plays
    The jug, Mary plays the musical saw, Heather plays jaw harp, and the other Spuckler children play kazoo, rain stick, and party favor.

  • Russell Jermee

    The homer Simpson Little red book of laziness is a great book I must add, they also have a Photo of the spuckler family band

  • Russell Jermee

    Homer plays his armpits, and through music, Homer and his hillbilly friends discuss the foundation and dissolution of the Rocky Mountain Conference which consisted of Wyoming, Utah, Utah State, Colorado, Colorado State, Air Force, and BYU.

  • Russell

    Cletus: In 1993 the Rocky Mountain conference was dissolved as The western athletic conference was expanded to 12 teams to inaugurate a football conference championship game for the Western athletic conference, Take it Homer!
    (Homer plays his armpits)
    Homer: in 1984 the UNLV rebels were regular season champions of the big west conference but their conference title in football was unclaimed, 10 years later on the 10th anniversary of the UNLV Rebels’ infamous 1984 season The Rebels finished the 1994 season as Co-champions Of the big west conference with the University of Nevada Reno Wolfpack, let’s hear Mary on the musical saw!
    Mary plays a musical saw solo
    Mary: in 1963 the Rebels began playing at old Cashman Field, The Rebels kicked off their 1983 season against the potential national championship candidate the 12th ranked Ole Miss Rebels, play that car muffler, Dubya and swing and slap that belly, ma!
    Brandine swings and slaps her belly and Dubya plays some hillbilly music on the car muffler
    Bart: Farts is art.

  • Russell Jermee

    Homer: the Rocky Mountain Valley conference was formed in 1887 then in 1888 Colorado A&M (now Colorado state) joined with University of Colorado, Utah, Utah State, and BYU and Wyoming to form the RMC then Ron Turnbull, the Rocky Mountain conference’s Associate judge did pass a decree stating the regular season champion of the RMC would be guaranteed a bid in the California bowl against the at-large representative from the Pacific coast athletic association then during the 1889 season which was BYU‘s last season in the conference as the cougars would join the western athletic conference and the California bowl was losing sponsorship as it went bankrupt for the 1881 season then in 1957 the University of Nevada Las Vegas was founded as Nevada Southern University then the school sponsored a football team known as the Rebels and the UNLV colors will be the confederate colors which are scarlet and gray then UNLV played its first season in 1958 at Cashman field in front of a packed house against twelfth ranked Nebraska.
    Incest: in 1984, UNLV was forced to vacate its conference title and the Rebels were found by the NCAA as few of their players were in eligible then in 1992 the rebels made their first postseason appearance in the Grantland rice bowl where they fell to eventual National Champion Marshall then two years later UNLV finished the 1994 season as co-champions of the Big west conference with in-state rival Nevada, then office representatives from the rebels and the Wolfpack met at Mid field for a coin toss to decide the postseason then UNLV won the toss and excepted the bid for the Las Vegas bowl and University of Nevada Reno was selected to play in the poinsettia bowl in San Diego.