Teacher was not dumped —— it was mutual

From: We’re On The Road To D’ohwhere
Season 17, Episode 11

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  • Russell Jernee

    Which refers to the Season 15 episode my big fat Geek wedding Mrs. crabapple dumps principal Skinner during their wedding then Seymour Skinner With a little help from Homer and a castrati Consisting of Bart, Milhouse, and Martin Tries to win Edna back
    Before hiss attempt to win Edna back Using Cyrano de Bergerac, Mrs. Krabappel Dumps principal Skinner during their Wedding and she runs out of The altar, Which is the school gymnasium crying.

  • Russell Jernee

    Mrs. Hoover at the beginning of Lisa substitute comes into the second grade classroom crying at the thought she got dumped again, her cause of her sadness is Lyme disease